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3 awards

Jury award non-profit or e-gov

  • Chosen by the professional jury
  • The prize:
    • The honour of being the most user-friendly non-profit or government website in Belgium
    • 1.000 euros worth of usability advice from AGConsult (valid for 12 months) and extra goodies (to be announced later)

Jury award profit

  • Chosen by the professional jury
  • The prize:
    • The honour of being the most user-friendly corporate or commercial website in Belgium
    • 1.000 euros worth of usability advice from AGConsult (valid for 12 months) and extra goodies (to be announced later)

Public vote award

  • Chosen by the general public based on a short-list of 10 websites selected by the professional jury
  • The prize:
    • The honour of being voted Belgium’s most user-friendly website by the public
    • 1.000 euros worth of usability advice from AGConsult (valid for 12 months) and extra goodies (to be announced later)
Can I participate?

Who can submit a website?

  • The owner or maker of the website

Which sites can be submitted ?

  • Made by a Belgian webteam
  • Owned by:
    • An organisation that has a Belgian enterprise number (Dutch: ondernemingsnummer / French: numéro d’entreprise)
    • A government with an office in Belgium
  • Targeted to a Belgian (or broader) public
  • Contains at least 25 web pages in 1 language
  • Launched or thoroughly redesigned after 1 September 2012
  • Most info available without registration
  • No blogs
  • No 18+ content

Information you need to submit a website

  • Name, email address and telephone number of the website’s contact person within the organisation that owns the website
  • Information on who made the website
  • Short description of major changes on the website since 1 September 2012

Creating the shortlist

  • As soon as a website is submitted, a jury member checks if the site complies with the conditions mentioned under Can I participate? and decides if the website can enter the competition.
  • After this first selection the jury will create a shortlist of the 10 best profit and the 10 best non-profit websites.
  • Each jury member analyzes and rates these 20 websites individually and gives them a score out of 50 based on 9 criteria.

Selecting the winners

  • Because the jury consists of active usability professionals, some of them may have been involved with a nominated website. Or they may have seen the contract for that site go to a competitor. One who is also part of the jury. To keep the jurors’ personal bias to a minimum, the highest and lowest scores for each website are always disregarded.Of course, we could also have chosen a jury that consists of people who aren’t actively involved in making websites better. But that didn’t seem like a good idea.
  • Jury awards
    • During the jury deliberation night at the end of October, the 3 highest scoring sites of each category (profit and non-profit or e-gov) are discussed and the winners of the jury prizes are chosen.
  • Public vote award
    • The 10 sites with the highest jury scores will be presented to the public.
    • The public can vote for the best website from 23 October until 6 November 2013.
    • The site with the most votes is the winner.

Announcing the winners

  • The winners will be announced on 13 November 2013.
  • For each award we will publicly announce the top 3.
  • Participating websites will not receive their ranking or a report from the jury. Please don’t ask.

Gifts accepted

  • The jury is not opposed to gifts such as wine, cigars (Dominican with a dark wrapper), diamonds or other valuables.
  • But please be aware that this won’t influence the jury’s judgement.
Awards ceremony

On 13 November 2013, we will announce the winners of the Usability Awards 2013 at Moonbeat in Mechelen.

The night’s entertainment will be provided by Karl Gilis, Belgium’s only UX expert/stand-up comedian.
He will talk about 7 things to avoid on your website.

Of course there will be drinks, nibbles and loads of lovely people.

Would you like to join us? Let us know you’re coming.

Practical stuff:

  • 13 November 2013
  • 19h00 – ????
  • Entrance fee: 0 euro, nothing, zip, it’s free
  • Kunstencentrum Moonbeat
    Oude Brusselsestraat 10-12
    2800 Mechelen
    How to get there
The jury
Els Aerts (head of the jury)
  • The A in AGConsult.
  • Some say Els has done more user tests than most websites have visitors.
  • All we know is that she’s responsible for everything that has to do with writing for the web, user tests and expert evaluations at AGConsult.
David De Block
  • Managing partner at Internet Architects.
  • Some say that David is plotting a usability revolution.
  • All we know is that he understands that web usability plays a vital part in creating an optimal user experience.
Bastiaan Klooster
  • Co-founder of 2C Usability, previously part of MetrixLab and currently taking a sabbatical.
  • Some say the Dutch Usability Award, which Bastiaan started, is a shameless copy of the Belgian Usability Awards. (Or was it the other way around?)
  • All we know is that Bastiaan has been working in usability since 1998. He’s been around the usability block once or twice.
Aartjan van Erkel
  • Internet Copywriter at
  • Some say that even before Hendrik Conscience taught his people to read, Aartjan taught his people to write for the web.
  • All we know is that we’ve never seen such a dedicated web copywriter. Aartjan is the author of one of the best books in Dutch on online persuasion and conversion: Verleiden op internet.
Lonneke Spinhof
  • Managing Director at Humix.
  • Some say that after several years of therapy Lonneke is finally able to live with her usability fetish.
  • All we know is that Lonneke is all about making usability part of the daily practice of web and software development.
Toon Lowette
  • Partner of the Customer Carewords network headed by Gerry McGovern.
  • Some say there isn’t a country left where Toon hasn’t done remote user testing.
  • All we know is that Toon has been passionate about customer centricity since 1982, longer than he cares to remember.
Judging criteria

The 9 criteria that will be used by the professional jury, amounting to a total of 50 points.

  1. Homepage (5 points)
  2. Overview pages (5 points)
  3. Detail pages (5 points)
  4. Navigation (5 points)
  5. Search (5 points)
  6. Forms (5 points)
  7. Content and copywriting (5 points)
  8. Mobile and tablet usability (5 points)
  9. Overall impression (10 points)

Receiving an award is always great. And I’m sure everyone agrees that nothing beats the honor of being voted the most user-friendly website of Belgium.

But we want to help you to make your website even better. That’s why we’re very, very happy to announce that some of the best companies in the field of usability, information architecture and conversion optimisation are giving away some incredible prizes to the winners and runners up.

We’ve got a total of 10.000 euro in our goodie bag so far. And there might be even more coming up…

Loop11: 6 unmoderated, user testing packages

Loop11 lets you create your own online, unmoderated usability testing projects and delivers in real-time graphical reports comprising usability metrics allowing you to understand the user behaviour of your website so you can improve and optimise performance.

You can conduct benchmarking studies, competitive evaluations, true intent studies, compare new wireframes to an existing design, run A/B usability comparisons, or run a comprehensive usability evaluation. You can even test on the iPad and iPhone.

Usabilla: Accounts for Usabilla Live and Usabilla Survey

Usabilla Live is a tool to continuously collect visual emotional feedback on your live website. Visitors are able to select and rate every element of your website. This allows you to visually measure what your visitors feel when browsing your website.

Usabilla Survey is a fast and fun tool to collect feedback in any stage of the design process. Set up a test in a few minutes and invite participants to share their opinion by adding points and notes on top of your webpages or sketches. 18000 User experience professionals and web analysts from all over the world use Usabilla to learn from real users with micro usability tests.

AGConsult: usability advice

AGConsult is a Belgium-based company of web usability experts and information architects. Our goal: websites that are easier and more fun to use for the end-users and higher conversion rates and profits for our clients.

We’ve been improving websites and intranets since 2001. The winners in each category will receive 1.000 euro worth of usability advice. (Prize valid for 12 months).

EnquêteOnline: 10 surveys

EnquêteOnline has developed a 2-question survey which allows you to easily identify who your visitors are and what their top tasks are.
Who are the people visiting your website? And what do they want?

2 questions that deliver an incredible insight in what your visitors want from you. This input allows you to adapt or finetune your content and information architecture to the needs of your visitors. That helps to make your website more user-friendly. And your business more profitable.

UsabilityTools: 3 unmoderated and 6 medium usability testing & conversion optimization packages

UsabilityTools is a platform with multiple tools for remote user research. Tools allow you to gather declarative and behavioral data at any design stage. Use multiple tools in order to cross-examine your project and find improvement opportunities. Evaluate usability of the website and increase conversion rates.