The jury

Els Aerts (head of the jury)
  • The A in AGConsult.
  • Some say Els has done more user tests than most websites have visitors.
  • All we know is that she’s responsible for everything that has to do with writing for the web, user tests and expert evaluations at AGConsult.
David De Block
  • Managing partner at Internet Architects.
  • Some say that David is plotting a usability revolution.
  • All we know is that he understands that web usability plays a vital part in creating an optimal user experience.
Bastiaan Klooster
  • Co-founder of 2C Usability, previously part of MetrixLab and currently taking a sabbatical.
  • Some say the Dutch Usability Award, which Bastiaan started, is a shameless copy of the Belgian Usability Awards. (Or was it the other way around?)
  • All we know is that Bastiaan has been working in usability since 1998. He’s been around the usability block once or twice.
Aartjan van Erkel
  • Internet Copywriter at
  • Some say that even before Hendrik Conscience taught his people to read, Aartjan taught his people to write for the web.
  • All we know is that we’ve never seen such a dedicated web copywriter. Aartjan is the author of one of the best books in Dutch on online persuasion and conversion: Verleiden op internet.
Lonneke Spinhof
  • Managing Director at Humix.
  • Some say that after several years of therapy Lonneke is finally able to live with her usability fetish.
  • All we know is that Lonneke is all about making usability part of the daily practice of web and software development.
Toon Lowette
  • Partner of the Customer Carewords network headed by Gerry McGovern.
  • Some say there isn’t a country left where Toon hasn’t done remote user testing.
  • All we know is that Toon has been passionate about customer centricity since 1982, longer than he cares to remember.

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