Can I Participate?

Who can submit a website?

  • The owner or maker of the website

Which sites can be submitted ?

  • Made by a Belgian webteam
  • Owned by:
    • An organisation that has a Belgian enterprise number (Dutch: ondernemingsnummer / French: numéro d’entreprise)
    • A government with an office in Belgium
  • Targeted to a Belgian (or broader) public
  • Contains at least 25 web pages in 1 language
  • Launched or thoroughly redesigned after 1 September 2012
  • Most info available without registration
  • No blogs
  • No 18+ content

Information you need to submit a website

  • Name, email address and telephone number of the website’s contact person within the organisation that owns the website
  • Information on who made the website
  • Short description of major changes on the website since 1 September 2012

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